How We Do It

Our Offer Pix We never start at the beginning.  We always start at the end.  We ask, “What results ought to be achievable?”  Keep in mind that while we are able to work at any level, we usually start with focused objectives that are often located at the organization’s critical concerns, those places you have written off as a mission impossible or are making you and your organization very miserable.

We keep these questions in the forefront of as we work with you and your staff:


  • What are your deep concerns?
  • What must things look like in order for these concerns to disappear?
  • What are the desired outcomes – for the organization, for the patient, for the service professionals involved?

That is the end where we begin.  This is where we plant our flag with the indicators and measurements you desire but thought you would never see.  Our business is to make sure that you get there, and, by doing so, are not only more effective, but also more efficient, more profitable, with improved outcomes, improved practices and a more professional and motivated team.

Getting The Results

Our work with you involves four phases.  We have talked about the “end”, or desired result, which is our “beginning”.  Once we know where you want to be, our work begins:

The first phase is similar to a skilled medical diagnosis.  We want to know the symptoms as they show up in all of the sub-systems, processes, practices, routines, coordination, resources, etc. to find the etiologies that explain the underlying “whys” and “why nots”.  We have proprietary methodologies for making this diagnosis that lets us dig deep. Our diagnosis will provide a map of the principal areas in which significant gaps occur between what “is” and what “should be”.  This establishes our bottom line and gives us a clear picture of what value is being lost to the different internal and external stakeholders, the organization, its patients, and its internal departments and teams: our shared bottom line.

Our second phase is to identify the principal barriers to change such as, policies, practices, structures, resource allocations, processes, data and other systems, competencies, habits, blindnesses, moods, legacies, etc.  We use our proprietary technologies to accomplish this analysis which applies knowledge derived from many disciplines

The third phase of our work with you is to design, develop and implement all of the changes necessary to close the gap between what is and what should be.  This may involve such things as technology transfer, the development of new competencies, creation of strategic IT applications, systems integration, team integration, the design of coordination networks, coaching and other applied know-how.  We have strong competencies to quickly mobilize action and make this happen in an effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Finally we evaluate the extent to which we have achieved our goals of closing the gap.  We make sure that our indicators and measurements are effective, efficient and reliable.  This is how we produce quantum results and a lot of value.  We design and leave you with a management mechanism to maintain these results and improve them yet more over time and begin the conversation about the next future we will create together.