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The Origins of Wasteful Practices: Healthcare at the Crossroads

Most healthcare organizations would be offended to hear themselves categorized as production systems.  We will argue, however, that many healthcare organizations do in fact operate as production systems, inefficient and wasteful ones at that.  We will argue that the tacit assumptions underlying the organization of traditional health delivery systems derive from the same metaphysical and philosophical origins as their production systems counterparts and that these are wasteful precisely because of like practices, generated by acting upon the same shared assumptions.  We will argue, furthermore, that the waste generated by both kinds of organizational entities remains in large part invisible to accounting because accounting practices themselves derive from the same historical origins.

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Managing Organizational Change

Organizational Change is an important competence in today’s swift-moving, dynamic world.  For most organizations change is an imperative in order to grow and prosper in a world in which the list of Fortune 500 companies is hardly recognizable from one decade to the next.  Change is no longer an option in today’s competitive markets as we are living in an era profoundly impacted by global connectivity, free trade, digitization, consumer power and the concomitant trend toward individualization, demographic movements and the explosion of information and other technologies.

The Process Edge Change Management Model has grown out of successful change efforts in major organizations, some of which are best industry practices world-wide and are case studies in MBA programs in major universities.  It is particularly applicable to the Healthcare Industry in these times of rapid change.

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