Stakeholder Value

The patient is the principal stakeholder of the healthcare provider organization, and therefore is the axis around which all strategies, processes and capabilities must revolve.  Yet, patients are not the organization’s only stakeholders.  There are other key internal and external stakeholders as well whose concerns must be understood, cared about and addressed in order to ensure long term success.  A balanced stakeholder focus will ultimately result in higher patient well being, and also benefit all non-patient stakeholders; staff, financial, community, suppliers, etc.

It might again seem obvious that health care provider organizations exist to keep their customers and constituents healthy; but, obvious to whom?  We often find that organizations lose their way and their effectiveness in the “obviousness” of their day-to-day functioning at all levels.  Individual performers, for example, often lose sight of the purpose for which they exist in the day-to-day work routine.

Creating value for patient and non-patient stakeholders via delivery of an extraordinary Patient Experience, is, and must be, the purpose of health care organizations.  Profitability and growth are the consequences, when the organization manages its resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

We help your organization identify key stakeholders focus on their critical concerns and design strategies, value propositions, processes and practices that create win/win relationships and success. 

The consequences – the results – are customer and employee loyalty, improved outcomes, value adding relationships and superior operational and financial performance.