Patient Care Delivery

The goal for every health care provider must be excellence in delivery of patient value.  This goes beyond medical protocols, practices and conditions to include impeccable Patient Care Delivery processes coupled with patient-focused styles and moods.   We apply our advanced methodologies and expertise in relationship dynamics to transform your organization into one which monitors and delivers patient value in the areas outlined below to provide extraordinary experience, outcomes, coordinated care, and ongoing communications for patients and their families.

Care Delivery Value Chain

The effectiveness and efficiency of care delivery is perhaps the single most important tipping point for both profitability and a uniquely favorable patient experience.  An impeccably coordinated value chain is essential for ensuring that a heathcare practice produces optimal patient care and financial outcomes.

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Patient Experience

Whether they enter the door or call by phone, customers immediately experience the manner in which they are treated as persons.  Most individuals do not experience “gold standard” medical protocols surrounding their condition or even high quality medical care.  They do, however, experience the way they are received, greeted, informed, treated, handed off and moved around, fed, clothed and handled.  A well designed customer experience ensures patient loyalty, eliminates waste, and enhances provider financial outcomes.

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Outcomes Management

Changes which are taking place in today’s healthcare environment demand a broader view of the consequences of day-to-day healthcare provider practices.  Outcomes Management should now include real time data (metrics) which provides visibility into the total patient care process over the life-cycle of the provider-patient relationship and measures which go beyond medical practice.  The Process Edge view extends the traditional view of outcomes management to produce significant improvement in both patient healthcare and provider financial results.

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Patient Outreach

A key element of successful care delivery and patient loyalty is the manner in which patients are kept engaged as continuing customers of the provider system and in the provider's day-to-day management of patient healthcare.  This includes proactive steps which a provider takes to give patients interactive online and physical access to relevant personal healthcare records and information, prescription renewal, and to programs specifically identified and individualized to a patient’s ongoing medical condition or wellness maintenance program.

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