Our approach to benchmarking is unique in that we do not mirror our client organization against industry standards to let them know how well or bad they are doing.  We prepare our clients to observe best practices in their own and other industries, that is, the practice of best practices.  We then help them create strong interpretations about how they can change and innovate to create new practices that produce significant value for stakeholders.  We assist in the design of an effective plan of action to bring about significant change in the processes and practices that are not world class.    Benchmarking is not about copying, it is about understanding, translating, innovating and surpassing.

Successful benchmarking improves the customer experience, reduces risks, improves patient outcomes, care cycles and revenue cycles, uncovers and eliminates waste and lowers costs.  Benchmarking introduces the right metrics to focus on organizational effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.   When practiced and managed well, benchmarking is a critical tool of strategic management to improve operations and to create economic value.