Value Mapping

We leverage our unique methodology to focus on effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.  Effectiveness is a measure of success in producing results; that is, creating value for patients, the organization itself and other important stakeholders.  Efficiency is a measure of the productivity of value adding resources used to achieve results, eventually measured in costs per value added.  Sustainability is a measure of the capability to manage variables key to the success of the organization over time.  All of these improved measures will positively impact patient satisfaction, outcomes per unit cost, risk factors and profit margins.

Our methodologies allow us to precisely evaluate structure, systems, processes, practices and management.  We look hard at the white space in the organization chart to determine the activities and human coordination that maximizes value for internal and external stakeholders, leveraging and improving those that do, questioning or eliminating those that don’t, and identifying those that are missing.  We develop measurements that allow the organization to see and track exactly what is at stake.

Working with you and your organization, we develop “as is” maps to evaluate the present state of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability within your organization.  We then design “should be” maps to identify opportunities for creating additional value for patients, the organization itself and other key stakeholders.  We are globally recognized experts at designing and mobilizing swift and effective action to close gaps between the “as is” and “should be”.