Sustainable Practices

Rapid changes in all aspects of the healthcare environment have created the need for provider organizations to consider how to respond to both probable and unforeseen issues.  Sustainable management practices ensure that healthcare provider organizations can, in a timely manner, detect the big issues, make relevant and reliable assessments, and plan and deal with them in ways that will help the organization prosper over the long term.

Our approach to sustainability goes well beyond ensuring conformance and reducing risks.  Our experience with many clients conclusively demonstrates that integrating sustainability management practices into the organization produces both strategic and tactical value.

By understanding and addressing sustainability through the development of a set of managerial competences and practices, a business model is produced that builds brand image, creates competitive advantages, improves the value contribution of internal and external stakeholders, and produces valuable innovations as well.

Process Edge methodologies enable you to identify in a systematic manner, the biggest, most important issues that can make or break your organization; and to manage them as part of an overall human performance system. This assures that relevant and decisive action is taken at all organizational, process and individual levels, in the right way and at the right time.  We help you define your value proposition for sustainability, articulate the business case and execute effectively and efficiently through a well designed human performance model.