Care Delivery Value Chain

The care delivery value chain begins with monitoring and prevention, and progresses through diagnosing, preparing, intervening, and recovery/rehabilitation, concluding with monitoring and managing. Each of these medical domains is supported by different services, such as records management, patient education, results measurement and organizational learning, among others.

Our approach is to ensure that both sequential and parallel processes be designed and integrated to produce operational excellence and continually improved patient outcomes and results.  This means that every step in the value chain must produce improved results at a lower cost.   We use our unique methodologies to make sure that individual medical, administrative and patient support processes are designed and integrated in such a way that each contact with the patient produces a positive patient experience and outcome.  We make certain that conditions are continually improved and financial results enhanced.

Our holistic systems approach not only eliminates the waste produced by poor coordination, task silos, a “do-it”, “dump-it” and “move-on” mentality, which results in low efficiency, re-work and high safety and economic risk, but improves the quality of the care cycle. This results in improved conditions, organizational learning and a satisfied patient with better health more rapidly achieved and sustainable over time