Operations and Finance

Today’s healthcare environment is facing unprecedented demands.  Financial and operational challenges continue to grow in an uncertain environment. These challenges along with patient and quality of care concerns require exacting management and performance competencies to succeed.  Our process-mapping and waste work-out methodologies coupled with our unique approaches to benchmarking, supply chain management, and economic value creation and mapping rapidly improve organizational performance and uncover hidden financial and operational resources


Leading and healthcare organizations and providers continually seek to improve their processes and practices in order to create exceptional value for internal and external stakeholders.  This translates into a stronger identity, more effective and efficient practices and greater profitability.

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Economic Value Creation (EVC)

Patients, employees and shareholders create enterprise value.  Although most organizations measure stakeholder and shareholder value as a goal, few have integrated the creation of economic value into their management process.   This is a complex task and our approach to creating healthcare economic value is unique and effective.

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Waste Work-Out

Waste is much more than many commonly shared interpretations, such as duplication of effort; re-work, unnecessary work, etc.  It is the direct result of poor or nonexistent coordination of human action and communication, ineffective and inefficient practices, and inappropriate styles and moods.  Our waste work-out methodology has a more powerful interpretation and produces immediate results.

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Value Mapping

Our approach is to look at your organization as a total performance system to identify and eliminate hidden waste responsible for damaging the bottom line, quality of care and the subtle, but important aspects of the individual patient experience.

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Supply Chain Management

The conventional view of Supply Chain Management is limited to the procurement and management of the flow of material goods, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption. We extend these concepts to the creation of value at each step in the care delivery value chain; to the improvement of cycle times, patient outcomes and the patient experience; to  reduction of risks and costs, and  the generation of net value for provider organizations.

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