Waste Work-Out

Organizations produce goods, services, relationships and experiences by organizing the coordination of work: people with equipment and people with people.  This takes place both vertically, within functions and areas, and horizontally, across functions and areas.  The more complex the activities of the organization, the more complex are the coordinations, especially in organizations such as healthcare, dedicated to personalized or customized services and experiences.

We have found that over time, awareness of the activities behind these coordinations fades into the background consciousness of managers and staff, and as the organization grows and changes, many of those activities no longer effectively or efficiently serve the purpose for which they were created – if, in fact, they ever did- causing a great deal of wasted human and financial resources and significantly degrading patient experience, outcomes and safety.

Thus, wherever coordination must take place, especially when the interaction is complex, significant waste can be found; often large enough to have a huge impact on operating margins and net profits once it is discovered and removed.

Our Waste Work-Out Methodology is designed to make quick gains for those organizations that want to make something happen immediately.  Our methodology is a fast-forward approach to identifying waste-related and other breakdowns and fixing them in a hurry.

While our Value Mapping Methodology targets deeply rooted problems that are often systemic and structural, often requiring interventions of significant scope and scale, our Waste Work-Out Methodology targets problems that can be fixed in 1-3 months.  Although these problems involve projects of significantly smaller scope and scale, they typically make sizable contributions, often paying for themselves in a few months, sometimes in a few weeks.

Our approach is to use our unique methodology to detect waste, evaluate its impact in quantitative and qualitative terms, identify constraints and design a solution.  In parallel, we organize and train a team to participate in the waste reduction process and  mobilize effective and efficient action.  We then measure results and ensure that the team can sustain the waste reduction effort.

While the purpose of the Work-Out is to identify and eliminate hidden waste, the process also serves to train employees; preparing them to work within a culture focused on stakeholder concerns and committed and passionate about getting extraordinary outcomes and results.